While both spelling are apparently correct (I’ve only seen the K version of the name in last ep though I think while the C versions appeared in magazines), apparently now this one is considered as the ‘right one’?

I think “Peco” is the right one, because Peko-chan is a girl and Peco isn’t a girl……and I think we should trust the magazines……


It… it actually pains me to see Micchi like this (haters may go away now). All the horrible things he has done aside - he looks sick. Not only mentally, since that’s more than easy to notice, but he looks physically sick.

…oh hush, let me cry a bit more over the fact that my favourite character went from a somewhat disturbed but still nice and shy teenager to a full-blown psycho :/

; _ ; again……


In which Peco’s face mirrors the audience’s


Props to Mahiro Takasugi for being able to pull off the creepy blank eyes look


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The nutters(or just Jonouchi if you don't want to draw two people) with #7



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I’m actually really worried about Mitchy.

I mean it’s sad. He’s killed his own brother, now haunted by hallucinations, willing to kill his now former best friend. He attacked Peco (beat him to a bloody pulp. mind you) to get Mai to go with him.

I’m scared he’s going to get himself killed or worse, end up all alone.

I have a feeling he’s going to end up alone probably trapped somewhere forever because of his own actions.

(Please ignore me I’m actually just really emotion over Gaim)

= =

"A Hole" again……


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